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Over the 18 years that we have served in Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) Bill has undertaken many roles – none of which have included that of the traditional pilot or engineer. While Bill was trained as a commercial pilot, he was also a commercial lawyer and it has been his legal and business background that MAF has most utilised over the years. Likewise Angela has supported MAF as legal adviser in addition to various communication roles.

In 1995 in our first MAF posting overseas, Bill was the Operations Manager in Tanzania, responsible for planning and coordinating all the flights. He also carried out a 'public relations' role driving throughout Tanzania visiting mission agencies in refugee camps on the border with Rwanda, doctors and nurses in remote hospitals, bishops' conferences and national priests and pastors scattered across the rural communities, discussing MAF's support for them.

A year later we were in Kenya where Bill's role was as the Country Director. This meant that he was responsible for operations in that country and developing MAF's service into South Sudan, as well as giving support to those in neighbouring countries like Congo, Somalia and Ethiopia and running a communications hub for missionaries.

In 1999 we were transferred to the UK where Bill was MAF Europe's Chief Executive Officer, overseeing MAF's ministry in Africa and opening operations in Mongolia and Bangladesh. In late 2003 we moved to Cairns, Australia, as Bill also took on responsibility for MAF in the Asia Pacific. Since then Bill's role has changed a number of times as MAF International has evolved and the African and Asia Pacific operations have merged.

At the end of 2011 Bill stepped down as Joint CEO of MAF International as part of a strategic plan to develop resourcing of MAF in Asia. As International Development Director he is now tasked with promoting MAF, building relationships and developing national MAF groups in Asian countries where there is rapid growth in the Christian church and increasingly sophisticated aviation industries which produce potential pilots, engineers and communications specialists for MAF service.

Bill is also excited by the potential for the Christians in Asian countries to provide financial and prayer support to sustain MAF's ministry in the future and his goal is that by the end of 2014 there will be MAF resourcing groups active in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. He has begun travelling to Malaysia and Singapore, making contact with Christian groups there. Recently he met with Jimmy Tan, the Chairman of the Brethren Network Fellowship of Singapore, to talk about MAF's ministry and ways to make it known among Singaporean assemblies.

In Malaysia a local petrochemical business, headed by a committed Christian, but like Malaysian society itself, comprised of Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists, is now supporting medical flights in Papua New Guinea as well as helping Bill with logistics in Malaysia.

MAF exists to share God's love using aviation and technology and since people remain isolated physically and spiritually, and as computer and internet technology advances, we continue to be excited about MAF's strategic role well into the 21st century. Likewise as we look for new resources to sustain our ministry we are excited about the possibilities and potential for the future. We are also grateful for those who have generously supported MAF and us personally over many years. We couldn't have done it without you, and we continue to depend on you and thank God for your faithfulness.

About Bill and Angela

In the early 1990s Bill and Angela changed their priorities and gave up law careers and wealth to go to Bible College.

In 1994 they left New Zealand to work with MAF Europe in Tanzania, East Africa. They moved to Kenya in 1996, England in 1999 and to Australia in 2003 where they are currently based with Bill serving as International Development Director and Angela as Communications and Legal Advisor.

They have four sons – Campbell (2/4/92), Henry (14/1/94), Reid (21/4/97) and William (17/6/99). Campbell is currently studying law at Otago University in Dunedin and Henry is studying science/medicine at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

"Our lives have been transformed and that's why we do what we do. We want others to be transformed too. And we love the unique way that MAF is involved in mission – sharing God's love through aviation and technology."

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