Los Angeles is a very cosmopolitan city made up of people from all around the world but especially from Latin America. Latinos comprise almost 50% of Los Angeles. The Latinos are mainly new immigrants and have to work hard to get ahead. Transport is a major problem as freeways are congested and this adds to the stress level and the time away from home each day. Some Latinos favour English, others are bilingual and yet others still know very little English so Spanish is the medium used to reach them. The Latino culture is what binds them together.

"We praise God for the evidence of His work in the lives of the believers. It is great to see folk whose lives have been transformed by the Gospel and who go on to grow in the Lord and in their service for Him.
Comments from radio listeners are that they appreciate the teaching of the Word of God in terms they can understand.
In the last year, two colleagues have started work in new areas with a view to seeing new churches established."

Los Angeles is not just an affluent white English speaking city. It has been taken over by people immigrating from all over the world and many face economic difficulties because of the downturn in the economy.

"Soccer is the passion of Latinos and every weekend the men can be seen in a local park playing soccer. Soccer therefore gives a wonderful point of contact with the men.

Latinos are very family-oriented and as well as soccer being played in a park there will be family groups enjoying a BBQ or picnic together. If an anglo-saxon is programme-oriented a Latino is people-oriented! It is enjoyable working with Latinos who are a warm hearted people."

The facts...

  • The USA is now the fifth largest Spanish speaking country in the world.
  • Spanish is the most common second language in 39 states.
  • L.A. is literally the "melting pot" as it represents people from over 140 countries, who speak at least 224 different languages.
  • Latinos comprise 46,000,000 (15% of USA population) and are now the biggest minority group in the USA.
  • After Mexico City, Los Angeles has the largest concentration of Mexicans in the world.
  • There are more Latinos in L.A. than in some Central American countries.
  • Roman Catholicism is the most common religion in L.A.

By Richard & Nancye

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