MobaWhat does mission look like in Dr Congo?

In this last year especially we have found it exciting to encourage teams of indigenous workers that went to a several regions and worked in a variety of different areas to support the work of the local church there. For example the team of guys in the picture below went to an area called Moba this year for a couple of weeks. A doctor, two educationalists who worked training our schoolteachers, four bible teachers who taught in the churches and two drivers made up this team. The Moba churches organised a teaching conference which was attended by over 5000 of our Christians who came from a wide area, most on foot, for the 4-5 days teaching. Events like this are evidence of God's hand at work. It was very humbling to watch the baptism service they held on the last day when 170 people were baptised in groups of 8 at a time in a nearby river.

The numerous conversions to faith when the gospel is preached or at projections of the Jesus film remind us that this is a harvest time in Congo. Let's resource our churches to reach out and effectively shepherd and teach these new Christians.

One is inspired by the people we met who had already set up a school for the blind in the Moba area and who have already since our visit in August built a new classroom for this work.

The reality is this Congo presents the challenges of broken infrastructure, corrupt officialdom, numerous medical challenges through the bombardment of tropical illnesses and hundreds of churches hungry for encouragement. All these needs and wants will be best met by indigenous missionaries.mobi1


  • Championing the medical cause - Dr Serge
  • Through training and logistical support
  • Team of 9 doctors and many nurses
  • School Coordination & educational worker - Alex Muleba
  • Developing curriculum & supply of Christian & educational resources for 350+ schools
  • Vipata - Key administrator managing money passed on to 62 pastors & evangelists so they can be released to their ministry roles
  • 6 Theological staff members not only teaching but physically building accommodation, a library and an ablution block.
  • Practical workers Mubanga & Andre - driving trucks, building churches, schools & medical buildings


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