20festival1-176x116The Tala-andig people are nomadic by habit. Everything one requires to survive here comes from the jungle. The main food staple is sweet potato and the women head out every day to their farms with their baskets to gather enough for the family to eat. The men hunt for wild game. Because the unbelievers depend upon the spirits for their livelihood as we would money, it is necessary to raise chickens and pigs so that they have something to sacrifice to the spirits for the many needs of daily life.

Ayo! Someone called out, letting us know they had arrived at our door step wanting to see us. Shirley got up from her Bible translation work to see who it was. I continued on at my desk hoping to not be distracted. But it wasn't long before I was also at the door. A new believer had come from way down river to let us know she and her husband had recently come to trust in Christ as their Saviour through the outreach of the local believers here where we live. God is at work here building His Kingdom.

The mind-set of the local people is to only think and plan for today. Whatever you find now, you must to use it quickly before someone else gets it. Eat as much as you can possibly fit in your stomach now as you may not have anything tomorrow to eat. Finding a rare tree in the jungle laden with fruit, one would strip the tree of all the fruit. If there are still fruit up high on branches that can't be reached, they must be taken as well. So the tree is cut down to reach what fruit is left.

Seeing God at work in people's lives is an amazing thing. Because the Tala-andig people live in a world where the evil-one has direct unhindered influence into their lives on a daily basis, God's work in their hearts and minds is easily noticed. People singing to the Lord as they walk the trails and do their work is a delight to hear. Families taking care of their children is another wonderful change. People being able to enjoy the beauty of God's creation such as fireflies and rainbows with no fear of being punished by the spirits.

Jason & Shirley

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