On January 12 I conducted my first marriage and family seminar of the year. It was well attended and generated good interest. It was requested that next time we begin an hour earlier so that I have more time to answer questions. There is a real need for this kind of help at this time in Evangelical churches here in Italy. The next seminar, which is to be on February 23, will be on the subject of "leaving" families of origin in order to unite in marriage. In Italy leaving is often only partial and the result is that the new husband and wife are not free to develop their marriage without the intrusion of parents.

I have just sent the text of my commentary on Hebrews to the publisher. I have added some questions after each section in the hope that it may be used as an instrument for helping Roman Catholic friends (who rely on a priesthood with no Biblical authority for receiving God's grace) come to faith Christ on the basis of his once-for-all sacrifice. This commentary is the product of teaching Hebrews regularly at the Italian Bible Institute since 1978 so has been enriched by interaction with several generations of students.

Last Saturday I had my third daylong session of teaching on Acts and Pauline Epistles to a group of students drawn from three churches in the Rome province. These sessions are held in an ancient castle, barely accessible by car. You will see in the photo that I now use a wheelchair when out of the home. This is proving to be a great help and means that I can continue with this kind of ministry despite my problems with mobility.

Last Sunday the young man who was to preach that morning surprised me by asking if I would evaluate his sermon. I was glad to comply. Later today another of our young men will be coming to discuss with me plans for his future. I count it a privilege to be able to be of encouragement in this way to younger men, just as older men like Mr Jim Jarvie were an encouragement to me when I was young.

Written by Ron, Italy (Day 14)

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