The Changing Spirituality of Emerging Adults Research Project

What Churches Do Emerging Adults Like? - Changing SEA Project

What kinds of churches do emerging adults attend? Why do they go? How involved are they? How do
churches engage emerging adults in meaningful ways? In October 2009, six Research Fellows began
studying churches in various regions of the US that were clearly reaching the emerging adult population.
They intentionally looked for churches that identify with a range of confessional traditions: mainline
Protestant, conservative Protestant, African American, and Roman Catholic. After completing nine
months of field research, the Research Fellows have written essays identifying the best practices they
observed. Many of these churches focus special ministry efforts on adults that fit the typical range for
emerging adults, 18-29, but some broaden their efforts to include those in their thirties who have not
yet started families.

To read and download the articles go to: www.changingsea.org/studies.htm.

1. The Emerging Church Movement and Young Adults - Gerardo Marti
2. Engaging Young Adult Catholics in D.C. - Kathleen Garces-Foley?
3. Clay United Methodist Church - Justin Farrell
4. Consolidated Baptist Church -?Walt Bower
5. The Crossing: Worship, Community, and Action in Emergent Episcopal Ministry -Hillary Kaell ?
6. Diversity and Spirituality Drive Young Adults at New Life Fellowship - Richard Cimino
7. Engaging Young Adults at a Catholic Mega-Parish - Tricia Bruce
8. Middle Collegiate Church - Grace Yukich
9. St. Peter's Catholic Student Center - Ashley Palmer

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