CHOPS Adjustment Inventory Focuses on Strategies

Kelly and Michèle O'Donnell have given us a leg up on member care by making available for free their CHOPS Adjustment Inventory, recently revised (Dec. 28, 2012). What I like about the CHOPS Inventory is that it doesn't focus merely on the struggles, nor does it try to soft-peddle the difficulties by focusing only on the successes. In fact, it looks at BOTH, along with strategies that might help the worker better manage stress in the future.

It would make sense to me to circulate the CHOPS Inventory widely. Since the O'Donnells have negated cost from the equation (by making it available at no charge), even smaller organizations and those which have infused member care among all workers (like ours) have no excuse. The CHOPS Inventory could be done organization-wide as a "spring cleaning" assessment.

In additional to English, originals are available in Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Thanks, O'Donnell's, for your caring approach to cross-cultural work and ministry!

Find the CHOPS Adjustment Inventory here.

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