Howard & Averil Robinson – serving with MMM

Monday morning bright and early, the MMM van is loaded up at the Pirongia Centre, Waikato. The team hop in and are of to Stratford. The plan changed on Friday when MMM was informed the next project wasn't quite ready. So they spoke to the previous project leader and o ered to stay another week. He said, with tears in his eyes, "That's an answer to prayer! We
have more volunteers next week and the supervising builder has  nished, we need you here." This team leaves Pirongia every week and is welcomed into homes in the vicinity of the project where they stay for the time needed. At MMM, we make the plans but God leads the way.

On the same Monday in a suburb of Auckland a few mobile homes have arrived and set up at King's Kids, the child and
teenage department of Youth With a Mission, where they will be painting a house. The couple leading this team has been
involved with MMM for many years, have travelled multiple miles, and along with their three daughters, have served many
ministries over that time. On this project they will be joined by another couple who have just bought their  rst caravan and moved into it. They plan to serve MMM as Associates; serving on projects where and when needed but not in a full-time capacity.

In another town far, far away, there is a circle of caravans and campers, the owners who also awake early to a new day but a di erent town. They are also there with the one purpose in mind, to serve. They won't look like the holidaymakers you are used to seeing stepping out of motorhomes. These homes carry painting clothes and supplies like paintbrushes and drills. This time the project is to refurbish an accommodation block at Woodend Christian Camp, Christchurch.

At the Pirongia Centre, the staff have also started in the offi ce. There they will be planning promotions, projects in New Zealand and the South Pacific and doing all the necessary things to keep the the ministry ticking along.

Why all this serving? Well as Warren Wiersbe put it, "Serving isn't punishment, it's nourishment." If you ask folk about their
experience serving with MMM they always use words like "encouraging" and "eye-opening". As MMM serves ministries and churches that need better buildings, we often serve on the growth side of the body of Christ. It's also eye-opening, because
MMM works with many di erent ministries. Through serving with MMM you will  nd there is more happening in Christ's body than what you see in your hometown. Often times ministries can become isolated. To  nd that MMM comes alongside them to serve is deeply appreciated. A recent project recipient wrote, "What you do is important." On another project it was heard the lady tasked with the job of setting up for an intake of Bible students had fallen sick. The MMM team that were on site got busy and made sure the accommodation was ready to welcome the students. Not the job that was on application but with a group of servants there, it just got done.

Stuart Briscoe, pastor of a church which experienced explosive growth said; "If you  re people up but don't give them something to do they will eventually become disgruntled;  nd avenues of service." Avenues of service would be a  fine
defnition of MMM. Not everyone is a pastor, teacher or evangelist, however everyone is called to do something! If you would like to do something practical for God contact the MMM Centre on (07) 871 9161 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , www.mmm.org.nz

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