We arrived in Marromeu on Sunday afternoon. We just finished day one of our program which is the start of a big Government sponsored campaign to distribute around 3,000 mosquito nets to villages out on the Zambezi delta. Give thanks that apart from a delay getting started the day went well.

Pray for us as we lead a team to Bangladesh and Nepal on a 'Cross Cultural Ministry Awareness Trip' 15 September. There are ten in the team altogether. Prayer is requested for the team to have compassion and wisdom as they endeavour to encourage national Christians in their faith.

Pray for us all as we emerge and clean up from Hurricane Irma which came through Orlando. We are fine, and our  home had only minor damage. We are very thankful. Other staff and our office sustained more damage, so pray for  these to be resolved. Also for the many people further south who suffered a great deal more.

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