Graeme and Hannah are to arrive in New Zealand on the 30th January and Graeme is to return about a month later. Hannah is to study linguistics at the University of Otago. We thank the Lord Hannah for all the great translation work Hannah has been able to do since she finished high school in May. Please pray that the Lord would help her in this next stage of her life. Pray also for Rachel as she looks after things here while Graeme is away. Pray also that the Lord would send more native English speakers to work with translators here in the Philippines. The need is huge.

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We want to give God all the praise and glory for the recent Christmas Outreach trips to the remote Yolngu Aboriginal homelands in Arnhem Land (NT, Australia), with 13 homelands visited and many lives touched. All of the homelands have requested we come back regularly, with many commenting that they haven’t had regular fellowship visits since “Shepphey’s days”, which is well over 30 years!! This was a rare opportunity due to some funding being made available, but our prayer request is that funding would come in so that regular discipleship and teaching trips can be made. To read more about this exciting ministry, read article at

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Our journey back to Africa for Bright Hope World will begin as we take Mwangata Mulenga back to Zambia. His time of training in New Zealand has gone very well indeed but he is now more than ready to go home and reconnect with his family. Our time in Africa will take us D.V. to four different countries and we look forward to catching up with a good number of our Bright Hope World partners. Please pray for wisdom and that in all things God may be glorified.

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