We sought professional help for Manuela's drug problem and the outcome is that Child Welfare enrolled her for a ten month programme. We imagined she would be scheduled for the out patients programme but her interview revealed a long-term deep-seated problem. We are waiting for a vacancy in one of their rehab centres. They have a weekly session with the family so praise God this will help to restore the rift between Manuela and her mother. Meanwhile Manuela is with us, well behaved, happy and cooperative. Keep praying for her please and that the vacancy will result in God's perfect time.

Please pray for the 2nd season of the economic empowerment training that began on Sunday and for the sermon that Pastor Joshua preached. The majority of those that came were young men who either have some kind of employment or are involved in a small business activity. Pray that they will benefit from both the spiritual and business aspects of the training. For the next three weeks, we plan to have a sermon series that is drawn from the Spiritual Foundations part of the curriculum. On Friday the result of the presidential elections that was held at the beginning of August was nullified by the Supreme Court. A fresh presidential election must be held within 60 days. Please pray for Kenya during this time and that the process this time will be free and fair and the result will be just.

Pray for Murray in Cambodia (until 17th September) teaching hill-tribe translators how to translate Psalms and Proverbs. Pray for good health, good sleeps and stamina for all. Pray for good communication in both directions via Khmer and for the teams to practice and learn vital skills during the workshop and keep growing in them after the workshop.

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