Thank you for your prayers for our safety.   The dangers continue in the gang-controlled community where we work.   It is good to be able to support our families who are affected.  The father of two little ones who come to the class was taken from his home and shot last week.  We pray that more may turn to the Lord as they realise that life is so uncertain.

Ross leaves for Kenya on 1st Sept for the Annual East African Christian Camping training event from Sept 4th - 8th. It is ten years since the first event was held and now the East African Christian Camping Association is facilitating all their own training. After recent training events in Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda they are holding this event back near Nairobi. Please pray for the facilitators who are running the event, and especially for the camping leaders who are attending from all over East Africa. The recent election results have made some areas less safe for travel and gatherings, and they would value your covering the five days with prayer.

Thank you for praying for Hirosaki meetings held earlier this month. It was a privilege for Marion to be able to arrive and surprise them all at the BBQ, to have rich fellowship and to be reconnected with a dear lady she had Bible studies with over 40 years ago, and in company with her believing sister to hear her pray, to confess her sins and trust the Lord. Pray for the Lord’s protection. Stuart has prayed for this couple over the years, so it brought great joy when Marion returned to share this.

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