My friend Mercedes teaches in a very dangerous area.  Most of the students, boys and girls from 12 up are with the gang and the older gang members walk around in the school. Yesterday a gang member put a pistol to the principal's head and gave him a death threat. He will probably not return to the school.  Mercedes needs to carry out his duties as well as teach her classes.  If she and two other teachers don't go or if they tell the police it will be an even more dangerous situation. We have prayed for years for her to get a school in a better area but the Lord leaves her there to shine her light for Him. Thanks for praying.

It seems like we are always preparing for the next destination. Our flying ministry takes us away from our South Africa base for a week or two at a time, but sometimes sleeping in different accommodation twice in a week. With our recent trip to NZ, we have slept in seven different places in less than a month. Long term, this wears a bit thin, but we do find pleasure and reward in our work.

Having now slipped into the co-leadership role it means I facilitate and oversee each Sunday gathering, preaching and leading on a fortnightly basis. Pray for coaching the leaders in the implementation of the discipleship programme. Pray for the new neighbours coming into the group and asking questions, that they will find the true answers.

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