In God's grace we have returned from our pastoral care trip in the Big Country. It has been so encouraging and inspiring to spend quality time with our m' folk there, each of whom are engaged in their various callings and giftings in advancing the kingdom of G0d. People are being added to the ch'ch daily as in Acts 2. Currently we are in Chiang Mai renewing strength, writing reports, talking to our team leader, and so on. Thank you for your prayers.

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Thank you for your prayer-backing for the training workshop in a remote part of Cambodia. Despite language and cultural barriers, low education levels and several unexpected interruptions (some of them very funny!), these intelligent and determined translators managed to practice and acquire new skills. Pray for the teams to keep using and growing in their new skills and for a 100-fold, eternal harvest from planting the seed of God’s Word in each of their five separate languages.

It has been eye opening to see the devastation of the flooding in Bangladesh. Pray for them as they minister to one another and restore what has been lost/damaged. Pray for Rick as he works with locals to find ways of helping them with projects that could sustain their ministry and lives, along with teaching people skills that they can take with them to remote areas as tentmakers.  Next week Rick has key team meetings to plan for the coming year. Pray the team would choose wisely what to be involved in and to see the right things taken on.

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