We are almost out of tracts. I have written the first draft of a new tract for distribution to thousands of Japanese people. Kindly pray I'll be able to finalise a scriptural, full, appealing, powerful, impacting tract. Suggested title; "World's Unrivalled Best-selling Book: The Bible."

Ashley (1)
Last year an artisan from the hippy movement of the sixties came several times for counselling. This year one of his daughters has come and they have also sent their friends. The outcome is that we are going once a week to a tourist attraction town called Salento to teach a group they have got together. Freedom from Bitterness is the name of the workshop. Pray for these hippies who talk much about ‘peace and love’. They need God's peace and His love.

Praise God for those who have accepted the Scriptures. Pray they will read the Word of God. Aaron and Yuval are two who showed particular interest, always welcoming us into their home. We would love them to have their eyes opened recognising Jesus and receiving Him as their Redeemer. Pray for Sam who will be doing some deputation in the Auckland region. May the Lord bless him richly as he brings the work of Jewish Evangelism before the church.

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