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This short video clip by Werner Mischke, BodyLanguage , is an introduction to the concept of Honor and Shame within a Biblical context.

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Tensions around being missional locally and being senders globally

I come across pastors and leaders that describe their churches as being "missional" and that God has brought people into their communities that need to be reached. They have made a decision to pull back on their global mission support to help their people "be missionaries right here."

This begs the question, "Why are so many missional Christians uninvolved in God's global mission?" As the missional conversation continues and deepens, what has occurred that has led to our blindness to the lost world around us?

There are five reasons I think this has happened:

1) In rediscovering God's mission, many have only discovered its personal dimensions.

I don't mean they have somehow localised mission into their interior, "private" life-- that would make little sense. Rather, the encouragement for each person to be on mission (to be "missional") has trended toward a personal obligation to personal settings, rather than toward a global obligation to advance God's kingdom among all the nations.

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