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The World Cup provides our churches with a huge opportunity to reach into the lives of tourists, supporters and our local communities. 'Engage' is a trust set up by Tandem Ministries and Athletes in Action.

The Organising committee for RWC has endorsed Engage as the social way churches in New Zealand can provide service and interact with what is happening around the event. Engage is made up of many denominations and groups who share a vision to reach people with the Gospel through this event.

The way we as Christians act, speak and serve during the time of the World Cup can a ect how the Church and the community relate for years to come.

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Title: Tsunami in Samoa
Author: Russell Thorp
Topic Genre: Report
Region: South Paciic
Country: Samoa
Date: May 2010

Thank you to all those who donated to the relief work in Samoa. The money donated went to Rebuild Samoa who are building houses in the areas affected by the tsunami and towards the distribution of clean drinking water, cooking utensils and clothing.

A Rare Opportunity rises out of Samoan Tsunami

Somehow the events following the devastating Tsunami that hit the southern parts of Samoa in October 2009 brought people and organisations together in a way that gave us a glimpse of what the Kingdom of God is like. I had the opportunity to visit the rebuilding effort at the invitation of Habitat New Zealand as the representative of GC Aid. GC Aid represents the giving of many individuals and churches across New Zealand and also the generosity of our sister organisations in the UK and the US. GC Aid decided to channel funds received through Habitat New Zealand as they were first on the ground in Samoa and were appointed the principal builder by the Samoan government.

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