wk8The teams are reunited to work with Agape Children’s Home in Chiang Mai. They will be doing mostly practical projects here whilst also spending some time with the children. Pray that they would have the energy and enthusiasm to work hard and that the work they do would be a help to Agape.

stormPlease pray for all those affected by the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean, with further storms on the way, and the earthquake in Mexico. Also remember the flooding in Bangladesh and India, for all involved in the relief operations, those who have lost homes and livelihoods, and those who are injured and have lost loved ones. If you would like to help in these areas, please send your gift to GC Aid. Account number 06 0729 0522196 00. Please advise Heather of the intentions of your gift -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will be working alongside Echoes of Service to channel these funds.

wk9This is the team’s final week of service in Thailand and they are working with vulnerable children. Prayer for physical strength and wellness would be much appreciated as they get to the end of the trip.

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    Last year an artisan from the hippy movement of the sixties came several times for counselling. This year one of his daughters has come and they have also sent their friends. The outcome is that we are going once a week to a tourist attraction town called Salento to teach a group they have got together. Freedom from Bitterness is the name of the workshop. Pray for these hippies who talk much about ‘peace and love’. They need God's peace and His love.

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