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1. Church Planting and its relationship to Missions
(Matching tags: Missions,New Zealand,Church Planting,Training,Russell Thorp,gospel,vitality,models,grow,location,size,Director)
... most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches”.[1]  While it is difficult to verify where new growth comes from, there is some logic that lends plausibility to Wagner’s ...
Created on 01 June 2013
2. Our Staff
(Matching tags: Youth Director,Staff,Sefton Marshall,Russell Thorp,Operations Director,New Zealand,Missions Director,,,Heather Taylor,HEADSPACE Leaders,Charlie Shadbolt,Administrator)
... and strengthening the links with churches in New Zealand is also a priority. EMAIL Charlie Shadbolt Youth Director Charlie is responsible for overseeing the Headspace Programme and Leadership ...
Created on 05 April 2012
3. Christchurch Earthquake
(Matching tags: New Zealand,Aid & Development,Earthquake,Christchurch)
Title: Christchurch Earthquake Author: N/A Topic Genre: Report Region: South Pacific Country: New Zealand As we band together in prayer for the people of Christchurch who have suffered a terrible ...
Created on 26 March 2012
4. Word of Life
(Matching tags: New Zealand,Tom McIvor,Word of Life)
Tom McIvor, Word of Life Director Issue 3 - 2011 Word of Life Ministries in New Zealand is committed to the evangelisation and discipleship of youth through various means consistent with the Holy Scriptures. ...
Created on 02 November 2011
5. Headspace
(Matching tags: New Zealand,Headspace,Youth)
There would have been 20 of us strung out along the food stall street, browsing through dinner options ranging from pad thai to fried bugs.  In that first orientation week in Lopburi Thailand we ...
Created on 22 December 2009
6. Back Home
(Matching tags: New Zealand,Deputation,Tools)
WHEN YOUR MISSION PARTNER COMES HOME Your mission partner is about to return home from their service for God overseas. All sorts of arrangements need to be put in place. Whose responsibility is it to ...
Created on 20 November 2011
7. New Zealand
(Matching tags: New Zealand,Pacific)
... & Anne (Day 30)   Overview: The Holy Spirit has moved in many denominations since the 1960s. A host of new charismatic and Pentecostal groups emerged, and the large mainline denominations ...
Created on 28 November 2011
8. On the road together
(Matching tags: New Zealand,Silcock)
... particularly in the East Coast, King Country, Taranaki and across to Dannevirke areas. Our overseas and New Zealand experiences tell us that there is little difference in our "life purpose" whether we ...
Created on 12 July 2011

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